Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party

The Iris Mad Hatter
The Iris Tea Room now offers a "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" complete with our very own Mad Hatter sure to delight and entertain your guests.  Appropriate for children age 4 and up.  Guests are seated at a long table complete with stuffed arm chair for the guest of honor.  Choose your tea cup and saucer from mis-matched sets turned upside down to hide the missing Dormouse while songs from Alice in Wonderland play softly in the background. Dine on sumptuous finger sandwiches, desserts and tea fit for the Red Queen!

Alice's Fruit Tea
The Knave of Hearts Lemonade

                                             Finger Sandwiches:
                                             Mad Hatter's Pinwheels
                                             Queen of Hearts Tarts
                                             Talking Flower Cheese Rounds

                                             Caterpillar's Mushroom Meringues
                                             "Eat Me" Cakes
                                             Shortbread Hearts

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  1. Wow!! This mad hatter tea party is looking lovely. Have never thought of such fabulous ideas so want to arrange themed tea party at one of New York venues. Have been looking for some easy ideas for it. Wish to arrange best one.